oh… i f’d up.

today was just one of those days.. nothing went right.

i swear i screwed up everything I’ve worked on over the last 10 days, and today it all came back to hit me in the face.

i messed up a quote from a local printer, so we got a magazine delivered that wasn’t complete.

i messed up revisions on a post card, so it got delivered with the wrong expiration dates. Continue reading


embarrassing things #2

in middle school (i guess this was a popular time for being embarrassed…) i remember wearing these large, plastic frame glasses.. i had braces, and again – no fashion sense. i write boys clothes and shoes..

before middle school i had really long hair and decided to chop and donate all my hair before the sixthgrade.

so i joined a new school, sixth grade, dressing like a boy with stupid glasses and braces, and a short. boy. haircut.

the first day of sixth grade, i remember during next to Megan Larsen..

she thought i was a boy.