my three paths to self-motivation

typically i describe myself as self-motivated, but sometimes i guess i lose track of my values, when i get stressed or busy. of course, that’s really when i need it the most… i’ve been trying to find ways to get moving again, to get back on track with my projects and start gaining moment.

(funny thing about momentum… everything is so much easier once i’ve already started)

what do you do when you lose momentum?

i guess maybe it’s easier to lose it as you get older, i don’t remember ever having this problem before. but i did some googling and found something that seems to be working for me.

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dreaming up inspiration

i’ve talked only a little about process on my blog at with my post “making logos,” but graphic design for commercial purposes is quite different than what i consider art. there is a lot to be appreciated about commercial design, but each has its purpose and art is much more fulfilling.

i’m currently working on a commissioned painting on a subject that is close to my heart – a music group that i have known and loved my whole life, one that has had an impact on not only myself, but my husband, my father and countless others close to me. it’s very exciting that i get to paint such a concept on request.

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