embarrassing things #1

i get embarrassed easily..

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work hard, but not too hard.

this is a mantra I’ve attained over the last few years.. it makes me feel my age, if you know what i mean. I’m almost 30 and have been in the work force since i was 16 or 17.. maybe I’m jaded..

i know i have to work at life in nearly every aspect, in order to be happy and fulfilled. i am a hard worker, thanks to my parents. but once i joined the work force, i realized “hard work” for most other people means doing a lot less than i would do. 

one of the most frustrating things about the dozen or so jobs I’ve had since I’ve been working, is working next to lazy, apathetic people.

and whether or not i like a job is largely dependant on how i get along with  my peers.

so, working alongside slackers has caused me to develop a work hard – but not too hard – attitude to avoid exhausting or frustrating myself in the workforce.

my three paths to self-motivation

typically i describe myself as self-motivated, but sometimes i guess i lose track of my values, when i get stressed or busy. of course, that’s really when i need it the most… i’ve been trying to find ways to get moving again, to get back on track with my projects and start gaining moment.

(funny thing about momentum… everything is so much easier once i’ve already started)

what do you do when you lose momentum?

i guess maybe it’s easier to lose it as you get older, i don’t remember ever having this problem before. but i did some googling and found something that seems to be working for me.

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the time has come…

the time has come the walrus said, to talk of many things. of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings.

just kidding. (that’s my favorite poem though)

it’s time to decide:

what is my blog about? i am an artist. i am a designer. i am also extremely interested in marketing and social media. i also plan to talk about myself a bit, as well as my aspirations and irritations. but i suppose, most of all, i’ll talk about life and such.

which is why i’ve decided to name my blog “drink it in.”

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hi there, i’m new to wordpress though i’ve had a website since 2008 (jorilou.com). i’m a small-time artist… i’ve been officially arting since 2007 when i discovered a digital art class at the community college i was attending. my classes focused on a path to become a elementary school math teacher. my electives focused on everything else that i could possibly want to be when i grow up…

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