oh… i f’d up.

today was just one of those days.. nothing went right.

i swear i screwed up everything I’ve worked on over the last 10 days, and today it all came back to hit me in the face.

i messed up a quote from a local printer, so we got a magazine delivered that wasn’t complete.

i messed up revisions on a post card, so it got delivered with the wrong expiration dates.

i updated a file for a client and completely missed one of the products.

and to top it all off, i also mixed up a deadline, so one project was rushed when a different project was supposed to be rushed at the printer.

it was a bad day.

I’m glad my bosses aren’t mean..

also, when i made my cup of coffee, i forgot to put a in the keurig and ended up with hot, creamer water.

happy f’n Tuesday.


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