work hard, but not too hard.

this is a mantra I’ve attained over the last few years.. it makes me feel my age, if you know what i mean. I’m almost 30 and have been in the work force since i was 16 or 17.. maybe I’m jaded..

i know i have to work at life in nearly every aspect, in order to be happy and fulfilled. i am a hard worker, thanks to my parents. but once i joined the work force, i realized “hard work” for most other people means doing a lot less than i would do. 

one of the most frustrating things about the dozen or so jobs I’ve had since I’ve been working, is working next to lazy, apathetic people.

and whether or not i like a job is largely dependant on how i get along with  my peers.

so, working alongside slackers has caused me to develop a work hard – but not too hard – attitude to avoid exhausting or frustrating myself in the workforce.


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