my three paths to self-motivation

typically i describe myself as self-motivated, but sometimes i guess i lose track of my values, when i get stressed or busy. of course, that’s really when i need it the most… i’ve been trying to find ways to get moving again, to get back on track with my projects and start gaining moment.

(funny thing about momentum… everything is so much easier once i’ve already started)

what do you do when you lose momentum?

i guess maybe it’s easier to lose it as you get older, i don’t remember ever having this problem before. but i did some googling and found something that seems to be working for me.

1. youtube.
i just searched motivation and i got a lot of really great stuff, mostly targeting athletes, but it’s all the same to me. these videos use a lot of scenes from movies and clips from famous speeches. and a lot of yelling. who knew i responded so well to yelling? click here to see one of my favorite motivational compilations on youtube.

best of all are the quotes from rocky. man, that’s a powerful scene…

“it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward.”

2. tedtalks
i LOVE tedtalks. i had never seen motivational speakers on the program before, but they’re great. like everything ted produces. one in particular posed three questions to encourage self-motivation:

  • can you do it?
  • will it work?
  • is it worth it?

you can see the video i’m referring to here.


3. nine words
(by far the most important nine words i’ve written here) this simple phrase:
let me show you how great i can be.

my husband doesn’t see the power in this statement, i’m sure there are others who don’t see it either. the idea is that you tell yourself this. and it works in so many ways… i’m sorry to say i can’t seem to find the source for this.

let me show you how great i can be.


let me SHOW you how GREAT i can be.


let me show you HOW GREAT I CAN BE.

is it working for you yet?



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