the time has come…

the time has come the walrus said, to talk of many things. of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings.

just kidding. (that’s my favorite poem though)

it’s time to decide:

what is my blog about? i am an artist. i am a designer. i am also extremely interested in marketing and social media. i also plan to talk about myself a bit, as well as my aspirations and irritations. but i suppose, most of all, i’ll talk about life and such.

which is why i’ve decided to name my blog “drink it in.”

this title, the image i’ve featured here, is a digital painting that i originally started for a Dr. Pepper contest on deviantart. when i didn’t win, i removed the logos and changed the tag line. this image used to have zero meaning to me except a memory of a failed contest. and the vague sentimentality because it was related to my grandmother’s favorite soft drink.

now it means so much more.

today, this image means to me: love life. enjoy every moment. that even living in a so-called bubble, which we all do, no matter how well traversed you think you are. we’re all sheltered, in some way. (or is it possible to be completely exposed to the ‘real world’?)

either way, it’s about life. and living.


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