dreaming up inspiration

i’ve talked only a little about process on my blog at jorilou.com with my post “making logos,” but graphic design for commercial purposes is quite different than what i consider art. there is a lot to be appreciated about commercial design, but each has its purpose and art is much more fulfilling.

i’m currently working on a commissioned painting on a subject that is close to my heart – a music group that i have known and loved my whole life, one that has had an impact on not only myself, but my husband, my father and countless others close to me. it’s very exciting that i get to paint such a concept on request.

i started real production on it today, but before i even touched paint to canvas i had some research and prep work. research is the same for me for most projects now – pinterest. i love using secret boards to compile images and refer to them later. especially now that i have this handy little stand for my phone, courtesy of my hubby and the dollar store, i can easily keep the image up on my phone while i work.

anyway, i looked up several images for each of the pieces i wanted to include in the painting, including landscape and background imagery i might want to use. i’ve been compiling images for about 2 weeks, maybe more. my husband was starting to get on my case, since the painting needs to be done in time for a birthday that happens mid-May. but the style of this one is not meant to be realistic, by any means. i was asked for ‘cartoony,’ so what i heard is ‘simple’ and specifically not photorealistic. for a cartoony style, i have plenty of time…

last night i needed to dream about it.

so i just lay and drown out everything around me. i start imagining the image – i visualize the composition and kind of fall asleep thinking about it. i kept thinking about it until dinner and kept on some more afterwards, until it was actually bedtime and i suppose i had real dreams about the painting while i slept, because when i woke up this morning, i was ready to paint.

i’ve put a few hours into it so far after sketching and adjusting a little bit. i think i’ve got the majority of the image on the canvas now. i’m just working through the details.


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