hi there, i’m new to wordpress though i’ve had a website since 2008 (jorilou.com). i’m a small-time artist… i’ve been officially arting since 2007 when i discovered a digital art class at the community college i was attending. my classes focused on a path to become a elementary school math teacher. my electives focused on everything else that i could possibly want to be when i grow up…

i took classes in genetics, engineering, astronomy, theater, american history and traditional art. but the digital art really moved me. i learned to use a mac for the first time (and i still don’t understand why the close/minimize buttons are so darn small). i learned about photoshop, of which the concept was totally foreign to me. i also did my first animation and a couple of video projects. this is where i guess i realized a balance for my geeky, tech/science loving left brain and the creative, spontaneous, illogical right brain.

a year after i received my associates degree from community college, i moved to Marquette, Michigan to attend Northern Michigan University for ‘art school’ …

but that’s another story :)


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